Wireless Solution

When it comes to deploy wireless solutions for your organisation security and capability is the most critical phase to avoid leaks in security and meet the capability of your organisation applications. We carefully assess and resolve risks. Otherwise unforeseen implications, such as RF interference, poor performance, and security holes will wreak havoc. By handling risks during the early phases of the deployment, we significantly increase the success on leaks and instability of wireless LAN deployments.

One of the key elements of our wireless solution is site survey and frequent apps used, is to get a full understanding of what issues can be experienced by end users eg: staff running applications on iPads, Android or staff/members are on BYOD devices or guests on laptops.  

At Vtro – We deliver Cisco or Xirrus AAA based comprehensive fully managed, secured, and reporting based wireless solutions. So your organisation has full control to users what can or cannot be accessed on your network.

Award winning wireless solution trusted by enterprises. Complete comprehensive wireless solution enterprise required including traffic filtration, shaping, monitoring , reporting and manageability. Our Wireless solution comes with, load balanced between multiple access point. Not just that, any wireless solution for small business to corporate or education sector provided by us comes with managed service.

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Business Wireless Solution

Whats important for your business ? throughput, connectivity, security or the monitoring of your staff access.  We can meet any requirement of your business from simple wireless deployment to high packet filtration.

Education Wireless Solution

When it comes to education we understand how important is for the student to access the appropriate sites and content. we understand the liability to the parents to access the inappropriate content. We know what student should access based on the grades.

Enterprise Wireless Solution

Do you have multiple branch ? And need centralized secured wireless access.  We specialize in deployment secured mobility wireless solution, means your staff member can visit any branch national or internationally and your connectivity credential remain same. In others words one wireless network  and one secured roaming credential.

Corporate Wireless Solution

Nothing is more important then secure the privacy of the data access by the staff member.  Over 15 years of experience serving legal medical and enterprises, we know what need to be secured to protect your organisation.

Features Benefits
User support & maintenance for every device We provide unlimited support on every device from workstations to servers, smart phones to printers.
Management You don’t need to spend your time chasing up your ISP or trying to get an update for your accounting package, we manage all of your venders.
24/7 Monitoring With managed service we monitor your IT equipment 24 x 7. We identify issues and perform real time maintenance to ensure fewer issues and faster response times.
Rock Solid True IT management Support and maintenance is only one function of Vtro Department.IT strategy, innovation, budgeting and asset management.
Guaranteed Service levels We guarantee our service delivery and report monthly on our performance.

Precision Perfection Innovation Creativity

Over fifteen years of rock solid experience in routing switching home business Govt education IT support & solutions. We brings top of the line IT solutions and services.

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